Reviews & Awards

Summaries of the most interesting reviews are listed below.

SC Magazine | GroupTest: Email content management

This is an example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, but still coming out smiling. SC Magazine, a first class publication, decided to review “email content management products” and chose to include Sendio in the mix.

While we always welcome another review, this was a real challenge for us since Sendio does not do content management. In fact, we think the concept is absurd for email system protection (see Products|Philosophy). But we were invited, so we participated.

THE RESULTS: The reviewers stated “The solution performs exceptionally when controlling spoofed emails and spam…”and “The device does excel at preventing spam…. But “it lacks some basic content filtering capabilities…

So, we are great at what we are trying to do and poor at what we don’t do at all. Good enough. We’ll take it.

InfoWorld | Lab test: Sendio

InfoWorld’s chief tester, Logan Harbaugh, is a true professional who has many years of great experience. Other than not liking the idea of “teaching” the product about individual preferences when it is first installed, he was quite positive about the functionality.

THE RESULTS: Logan stated “Sendio’s […] mechanism is extremely effective against spam… and “Many products claim to filter out 99.9 percent of spam, but […] Sendio […] is the first I’ve tested that actually did so.

CRNtech | Review: 3 Ways To Kill Spam Dead

A review of three products, and right at the beginning they said “Sendio approached spam filtering differently”. Since we are not a filter, this is undoubtedly true. Overcoming the preconceptions of reviewers is always a challenge.

THE RESULTS: The reviewers stated “The method works—reviewers received zero spam during the testing period. From a user standpoint, this is great, as the inbox is always clean and there are no false negatives where spam slips past… and “Sendio […] delivers on its promise better than anyone else: It stops spam cold.

So, we work great but we are different. As more of the world figures this out, we will be less and less different.

TMCnet | Sendio Review

Tom Keating, an industry veteran and a real character, put Sendio to the test. He is now a believer.

THE RESULTS: Tom concluded “Sendio […] does a superb job blocking spam entirely. and “…indeed I have not gotten a single piece of spam in over a month. I highly recommend it…

May It Please The Court | Tired Of Spam ? Here’s A 100% Solution

J. Craig Williams first said “That’s impossible. After his test, it was “Sendio’s made a believer out of me, and I heartily recommend their hardware. The 100 or so spam emails I received every day are now gone from my inbox. The couple of hours that I spent dealing with that trash just disappeared.”

GCN Lab | Defend against a billion spammers (and win)

Government Computer News (GCN) Lab used an abusive test case for their review. They bombarded the products with “more than a billion pieces of spam- and virus-laden e-mail and analyzed the performance.

THE RESULTS: GCN wrote “While other units buckled under this deluge, Sendio […], which looks at spam in a completely different way, shot down 100 percent of the bad e-mail, generated no false positives and successfully delivered the good e-mail. It took on an army of bad guys and won.

GCN was so impressed that they awarded Sendio with Product of the Year 2006.