Learn a Better Way to Filter Email

Google says its new email service called “Inbox” will scan the content of an email to automatically sort emails into different folders by scanning the content of the email. Like Google, email systems for business that scan the content of email messages don’t know how to handle the the largest problem impacting productivity – the unwanted bulk mail that mounts a nonstop invasion on one of your most intimate digital spaces: your inbox.

Sendio takes a completely different approach with it’s Opt-Inbox ™ technology. Filtering email isn’t about the content of messages; it’s about the sender.

Sendio’s Opt Inbox

Getting filtering right comes down to using common sense. Instead of evaluating an email based on algorithms that scan its content, filter based on how you interact with senders. Sendio’s Opt Inbox uses contact filtering to make it easier to identify the most important emails in your inbox.

Sender Address Verification (SAV): When someone sends you an email, you only get it in your inbox if the sender replies to an email that checks to see if he or she is a real person. The SAV stops bulk mail from getting to your inbox, keeping your inbox reserved for emails that are real conversations.

The Sendio Queue: The Sendio Queue is the repository for emails that you may want later, but not right now. This is where you can find newsletters, bulk mail, discounts, and emails from social media sites like LinkedIn.

Email Address Community: Your existing contacts and anyone you send an email to will be added to your Email Address Community, so that any time that person sends you an email, it will go straight to your inbox.

Learn how Sendio builds “email communities” to filter your emails based on who sends them.