Looking for a Postini replacement?

With Postini coming to an end, you probably have lots of questions about…

How is the Google Apps different from Postini?

With the new Google Apps security, your emails will have to go through Google’s mail servers to be scanned.

How is Sendio different than Postini and Google Apps?

We take pride in our customer service. When you call Sendio’s customer service, you will talk with a real live human being. We’ll guide you step-by-step from Postini to Sendio with no disruption in your business.

How does Sendio protect me better spam than Postini and Google Apps?

Google Apps and Postini only use algorithm-based spam filters. Sendio uses a combination of filters that includes “email communities” to more effectively protect your network from spam and the accompanying security breaches.

So, are you ready for two years for the price of one? We are dedicated to helping you make a smooth transition into a more affordable but more robust email security platform.

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