Reseller/Consulting Partners Program Overview

Program Overview

Sendio eMail System Protection products do an almost perfect job of protecting user inboxes from garbage email and other abuse. In order to do this, however, Sendio systems need to be integrated with email servers and directory systems, and not all customers know (or want to know) how to do this.

Since 2004, Sendio has worked with VARs and consultants around the world who can provide local expertise and hands-on support to the companies and institutions that use our products. Sendio is “channel friendly” with good margins and referral fees, low support requirements and a better than 97% renewal rate.

At the beginning of 2008, Sendio launched a formal Partners Program with the intent of driving the majority of our business through resellers and consultants. It was clear that the more we helped our Partners grow their businesses, the faster we could grow ours. The Sendio Partners Program provides a full range of support:

  • Lead referrals
  • Subsidized joint marketing and lead generation
  • Detailed technical training
  • Not-for-resale demonstration systems
  • Customized sales tools

As you have seen from reading our Web site, Sendio’s products are different from our alleged competitors (many of which you have probably worked with in the past). In this case, different is better for both you and your customers, since customers who are happy with your recommendations tend to do additional business.

To find out more about the Sendio® Partners Program, fill out the form below or send a message to [email protected] to get a copy of all the Partner Program materials. Or, just call 949.274.4375 option 2.