… Or got policed – so that today there is virtually no unsolicited commercial email sent. Valid email marketing lists are all opt-in, and every message has an opt-out option.

No, the problems today with open Internet email are the con games and the criminals. The billions of messages from these “people” are not actually commercial. They are not marketing anything real. They are trying to either steal from you or your company directly, or infiltrate your computers with malicious code (e.g. viruses and trojans) which allows the criminals to add the systems to their illegal networks.

The “offers” for “effortless diplomas,” weight loss programs, cheap pharmaceuticals, replica watches, celebrity gossip, discount software licenses, sales lead sources and help with your libido are all bogus. They just want you to click the link and become a statistic. And if you try to figure out where these messages come from, you realize that the senders are also bogus (typically “bots” on already compromised PCs using fake or spoofed addresses).

What is the REAL Problem to be Solved?

In the simplest terms, BLOCK ALL MESSAGES FROM BOGUS SENDERS from ever reaching your email server and your users’ inboxes. It doesn’t matter what they send you, since none of it is legitimate.

Secondarily, we also want to make sure that legitimate messages from real senders don’t inadvertently carry malicious components such as viruses or trojans. These two basic requirements are the definition of email system protection. If we could accomplish that, email systems management would be just work and not an on-going nightmare.

Well, (surprise surprise) this is EXACTLY what Sendio can do. Check out the rest of the Philosophy topics and the Facts topics for how we do it.