Appliance, Virtual Appliance & Hosted Email Security Platforms

Sendio offers three delivery options:

ApplianceVirtual Appliance, or Hosted Email Security.

Benefits of Sendio:

  • Sendio is the first line of email defense. Unwanted emails never hit your mail server.
  • No annoying Junk emails …. Small business CEOs especially appreciate this !
  • Users maximize day-to-day efficiency because they only receive emails from members of their email community and no others.
  • Messages are never held or quarantined due to elaborate message content filters. No annoying false positives !
  • Full Anti-virus protection

The Sendio self-managing email community concept is the foundation for a more effective email experience. Simply put, you’ll love your Inbox again with Sendio. Email Users in your company will receive all of the email sent by customers, suppliers, partners, friends, associates and other members of their “community” while being completely shielded from all other malicious, junk, and nuisance email.
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Watch this short video to learn how the Sendio self-managing email community works: