Email Security Appliance. On premises Email Security & Productivity.


For organizations that prefer in-house IT solutions, Sendio offers a dedicated appliance suite to protect your email infrastructure. Sendio software is delivered pre-installed with the appliance and our “Quick Start” guide will have you up and running in 30-60 minutes.

Benefits of Sendio On-Premises Appliances:

  • Dedicated email protection hardware inside your corporate firewall for maximum security
  • Clustering options
  • 1-year hardware warranty included in the standard purchase price
  • Software updates auto-delivered from Sendio’s data center with automatic activation or Admin-controlled activation.

Email Security Appliance Options:

Sendio offers three appliance models:


Other benefits of Sendio email protection and productivity:

  • Sendio is the first line of email defense. Unwanted emails never hit your mail server.
  • No annoying Junk emails …. Small business CEOs especially appreciate this !
  • Users maximize day-to-day productivity because they only receive emails from members of their email community and no others.
  • Messages are never held or quarantined due to elaborate message content filters. No annoying false positives !
  • Full Anti-virus protection

How Sendio email protection works:

  • Inbound email for your domain is cut over to Sendio via a DNS MX record change.
  • Outbound email is routed via a Smarthost or relay setting in your mail server through Sendio and out to the Internet.
  • A user’s email community self-manages via simple automatic invitations to new inbound senders who can easily join your community.
  • Users and Administrators can also manually import email community members (customers, suppliers, etc.) to Sendio from CRM systems and other contact databases.
  • Automated senders of phishing, malware, and spam will never get added to a user’s email community.
  • When a user sends an outbound message through Sendio those recipient email addresses are automatically added to the user’s email community.
  • Anti-spoofing technology (DKIM, SPF) provides extra protection against malicious senders to your domain.
  • Sendio always keeps an up to date snapshot of valid email addresses for your organization via an LDAP sync to your onsite LDAP directory.


For a detailed quote, please visit our Pricing section.

Sendio® appliances come with a one year hardware warranty, which can be renewed for up to two additional years. Warranties cover any issues related to hardware failure and provide overnight delivery of a replacement unit in the event of hardware failure.

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