Receive Only Email You Want to Read

Roughly speaking, you have two kinds of email in your inbox:

  1. Conversations with real human beings
  2. Email sent be machines

When email started, it was full of the #1, but today there’s a whole lot of that second kind of email. The average worker receives 75 legitimate pieces of mail each day – but only 11 of those are from a real person. The rest are totally legal emails that your spam filter and email security aren’t designed to stop. Typical sources of machine generated email social media sites, daily coupon sites, and shopping sites.

All these unimportant emails add up to a lot of lost productivity. Email is the second most time-consuming work activity, taking up almost 30% of the average worker’s time – second only to role specific tasks.

Sendio’s Opt-Inbox™ – which can work with your existing email security – keeps your inbox free of unwanted machine generated email. Instead of going straight to your inbox, Opt-Inbox™ sends machine generated mail to a special queue outside of your inbox where you can safely choose to view the email, delete it, or accept it into your inbox.

Instead of opting out of machine generated email, Sendio lets you only opt in and receive the email you want to receive. Regain control of your inbox by keeping machine generated email separate from your communication with real human beings.