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Gaming / Feather Falls Casino / Assistant IT Director

We evaluated several products side by side … and the Sendio product required the least set-up and configuration and performed best straight out of the box … we have nothing but happiness for the Sendio product.

Legal / Polunsky & Beitel Law / Information Systems Director

Over the years prior to the implementation of the Sendio solution, management and the prevention of spam consumed more and more of my time … then we discovered [Sendio] and my IT life came back to me. I would highly recommend this solution.

Legal / Disparti Law Group / Operations Manager

Before [Sendio] we would come in on a Monday morning having about 30 emails in our inboxes, and about 10 to 15 would be something we needed and the rest were garbage. This saves a lot of time … I know [which] emails I need to read.

Aviation / Cutter Aviation / IT Manager

The effectiveness of Sendio has been just amazing – it’s a very cost effective solution for defending against spam and has allowed us to avoid many catastrophes.

Financial Services / Global Medley Advisors / IT Manager

Prior to rolling out Sendio we went through a bunch of solutions that really didn’t cut it for us … we were inundated with spam. [It wasn’t until] Sendio came into the network that things actually changed and for the better.

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Consumer Products / King of Fans / IT Administrator

Our employees are very very happy … this is a very good method for them to have some measure of control over the emails that they receive, and they love that fact. The Sendio system is like a ninja.

Government / SEDA COG / IT Group Chief

We turned [Sendio] on and miracle of miracles – we went from 29,000 emails a day to under 800 … [Sendio] is one of the better moves I’ve ben able to make in my 15 years [with SEDA COG].

Healthcare / Precision Medical / Network Administrator

We are very happy with Sendio … forget the filtering, forget the false positives, the false negatives: Sendio catches 100% of the garbage email you do not want coming in. It is a life saver.

Consumer Products / Golftec Enterprises / IT Manager

Prior to implementing [Sendio] we had nothing but problems with spam … but since implementing the box we’ve never looked back. Its reduced our spam to virtually zero and saved a tremendous amount of time. [Sendio] saved our inboxes.

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Gaming / Black Oak Casino / IT Manager

It’s been wonderful, I personally used to receive between 200 and 300 junk emails a day – now I can control it all [with] Sendio.

Airline / Capital Cargo Intl. Airlines / Senior Network Administrator

Since we purchased Sendio we have been spam free … I highly recommend the Sendio products.

Local Government / Allegany County, NY / IT Director

The Sendio box is like having a personal secretary – it sorts my email so I don’t have to … Now the email that comes into my Outlook box is all business and no junk. The Sendio box makes my job more effective.

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