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[Sendio] has completely eliminated our spam problem – effortlessly – and freed up numerous hours each day, leading to better employee productivity."
Absolute Brilliance
Sendio completely eliminated spam e-mail for us. That means that our IT staff does not have to waste time every day reviewing the spam queues, and, more importantly, our employees receive all of their 'good' e-mail - no more false positives, period! "
Cellino & Barnes
Talk about ROI! When I calculated the cost of lost productivity dealing with spam, [Sendio] paid for itself in about six days! Prior to deploying [Sendio] in February 2008, the SMTP queue on our mail server was so bogged down with spam that delivery of legitimate messages was regularly delayed for several hours. Our mail server has been running smoothly ever since and the complaints about spam have been silenced completely. Thank you, Sendio, for an extraordinary and affordable solution to what used to be one of my biggest headaches!"
Charles Pankow Builders, Ltd.
(Sendio] is very user-friendly. You can push it out to users to manage their own e-mail. It doesn't matter if it's text-based or picture-based - [Sendio] blocks spam by sender and not by content. "
Crews and Associates
I’ve recently implemented a Sendio ESP for my company, and we are VERY impressed with how it handles SPAM.  It has made a complete world of difference for our exchange system, and has so far been WAY above standards with regards to our previous spam filter.  GREAT product!!!! Everyone in my company is grateful for it!  BEST Spam Filter solution on the market!"
T. Bowe, Duffield Associates Inc
Duffield Associates Inc
This morning I decided to place the Sendio unit out in front of our SMTP Gateway to test it against the full fury of the Off Shore IP Realm. It performs amazingly well. We had procured this unit on a trial basis and all I can say is I’m sold. You folks have quite the product here. Thanks to you for your support getting us set up and to all the Engineering brain power at Sendio for coming up with such a slick device. "
Isleta Casino and Resort
Over the years, I have used several methods for protecting my end users from spam, but I have never used a product as simple and effective as Sendio. "
LANAC Technology Group
We were getting 5,000+ spam e-mails per day and spending a lot of time constantly adjusting our filters. As soon as I implemented [Sendio], I stopped receiving spam 100% and my e-mail server administration has been reduced to zero. "
Stuardo & Associates
My users praise the IT department on a weekly basis on the amount of junk that is now blocked from their inbox. We love it. I no longer go to the [UI] unless I am expecting a message from someone and they haven’t replied in a timely fashion. I just sit back and let [Sendio] do its job… It is one of my best employees! "
Allegany County
We had to deal with spam without blocking legitimate e-mail. For example, we were concerned that filters would not be able to differentiate between fake "Viagra" e-mail and valid e-mail with "Viagra" in the subject. Sendio gave us back our e-mail."
Central Dupage Hospital
[Sendio] is an effective anti spam system that is easy to implement and it is both user & system administrator friendly. It gives users control of their inbox and visibility of their e-mail flow. "
Chicken of the Sea Intl.
The Sendio solution is a clever and ingenious product that tremendously inconveniences the spammers. "
Deadbolt Security
Sendio ... saved our e-mail inboxes! "
We have been very satisfied with Sendio and have told other businesses about it. Being so easy to learn and use, it has saved all employees time by not having to sift through unwanted e-mails. "
Kisco Management
Sendio, I am a true believer. I was drawn in by your technology. It works. Period. At the urging of my IT consultant we tried a competitor’s solution from a well-known brand (actually it required a combination of two different solutions, one for email continuity and one for filtering) and it was a flop. I knew within hours we had made the wrong choice and we switched back within 2 days. I am back with you, Sendio. Here to stay!"
David Goldman, RBI SANDZ
My inbox was a mess. I would literally spend 2 hours each day wading through spam to find actual business e-mail. Now the curse of spam has been lifted from me and my staff-our investment paid for itself in less than two weeks! I strongly recommend Sendio to any executive or IT manager."
Transclick, Inc.