Stop Spear Phishing Attacks before They Get to Your Inbox

From TIME Magazine:

The apparent victims of the hacking are American titans: U.S. Steel, the nation’s oldest and biggest steel manufacturer and the lovechild of tycoons Andrew Carnegie and J.P. Morgan; Alcoa, the world’s third-largest aluminum maker; Westinghouse Electrical Company, one of the world’s leading nuclear power developers; SolarWorld AG a leading solar technology company; and the United Steelworkers, among America’s most iconic labor unions.

These company’s networks fell prey to sophisticated spear phishing attacks. Is your network protected?

Spear phishing attacks are the highly successful spawn of email phishing: a low volume, highly targeted attack. When someone sends you a spear phishing email, it looks like it’s coming from someone you trust, but the email contains a link that delivers malware, giving the hacker access to your network.

Sendio’s Email Security Gateway™ stops spear phishing emails in their tracks. The Email Security Gateway is a multi-layer defense against malicious emails and spam
Here’s how it stops spear phishing before it makes it to an inbox:
  • Sender Policy Framework: The SPF – sender policy framework – check employed by Sendio scans every incoming email for spoofing by verifying the sender’s IP address.
  • Smart Whitelisting: Unlike other email security providers that don’t scan emails from addresses on your whitelist, Sendio scans every email to prevent you from falling prey to spear phishing.

Most email security providers use an SPF check, but if an email sender is on your whitelist, emails from that person go straight to your inbox without being scanned for spoofing. Sendio scans every email, every time to keep your network safe.

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