Switch from Postini to Sendio

There’s never been a better time to switch to Sendio.

We’d like to welcome all Postini customers a chance to switch to Sendio by offering two years for the price of one

How is Sendio better than Postini?

  1. Great Customer Service
    You will be fully satisfied when you choose Sendio, and you can talk to a human being in Customer Service too! We’ll guide you step-by-step from Postini to Sendio with no disruption in your business.
  2. Superior Email Security Technology
    With Sendio you’ll never miss an important client email again due to anti-spam technology. Sendio doesn’t use statistical scoring methods or crude email content filters for detecting spam. Sendio combines a set of accurate and tightly integrated email security layers, while also empowering each user in your organization to optimally manage his or her inbox through the use of our unique email community paradigm.

Sendio’s email security is built around “email communities.” To learn more about how these help keep spam out of your inbox while making sure you never miss an important email, watch the video below.

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