Email Security, Continuity and Productivity Within Government

The last several years have been difficult for government IT professionals. Your IT organization is likely doing twice as much work with the same or less staff. Sendio’s email security solution is here to help. This webcast will explain how Sendio keeps inboxes in government and municipalities sparkling clean and saves hours of time for government employees.

Our featured speaker will be Roger Gursahani, Western Region Account Manager at Sendio.

 See how Sendio will allow you to

  • Eliminate unwanted messages (bulk and spam)
  • Stop messages from trusted senders from getting caught in your spam filter
  • Recover hours of time to spend on tasks that matter


What you will learn in this free webcast

  • Why the traditional email model is broken in government
  • How Sendio’s solution is based on contacts instead of content
  • How easy it is to build a Trusted Community


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