The Dangers of Whitelisting

Whitelisting refers to making a list of trusted email addresses, then letting any email from those addresses into your inbox. It sounds great in theory, but how it’s used can result in more spam and malicious emails in your inbox.

Many email security providers use whitelisting as the first step in the email security process. The security system checks to see if an email is coming from an address on your whitelist, and if it is, the email goes straight to your inbox. But, what if your whitelist is tricked into thinking an email came from an address on your whitelist? Or what if the email that came from the address on your whitelist wasn’t sent from the person who owns the email address?

Since the whitelist is the first layer of many email security tools, these malicious emails would go straight from the whitelist to your inbox.

There is a better… way to use a whitelist.

Sendio’s whitelist – your “email community” – is applied as the final step of your email security. If you receive an email from someone in your email community, it will always be scanned by every security layer of Sendio.

  • If it is identified as malicious, you won’t ever see it.
  • If it might be spam, it will go to your “email queue” for you to review.
  • If it is clean, it will go to your inbox

To learn more about how email communities work with your email queue to save you time and keep malicious email out of your inbox, watch the short video below. Use the form to the right to get a hold of someone who can tell you more about how Sendio’s email communities give you more control over your inbox.

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