A Guide to Evaluating Security & Spam Solutions for Office 365 & Outlook

Integrating an additional security solution makes it possible to experience the benefits of cloud-based Office 365 without sacrificing security. Learn how to find the best solution in this guide.

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The number of IQ points lost when distracted by email. The equivalent to losing a night of sleep.


Number in billions of pieces of malware in existence right now that could infect your employees’ inboxes.


Percent of organizations who will experience email downtime in the next 12 months.

The Sendio Solution



Be more efficient by managing bulk mail and eliminating inbox noise through a sender verification process.



Stop malicious email threats from entering employee inboxes through a multi-layer approach.



Get true email continuity during server outages without disruption or dropped mail.

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Sender (or User) Focused Email Efficiency & Security


  • Block dangerous mail from entering your inbox
  • Remove unwanted junk and spam mail
  • Stop social engineering attacks


  • Distinguish humans from automated sender
  • Create an inbox free of noise
  • Never lose important mail in spam and junk folders

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How to Permanently Stop Drowning in Email Spam

how_to_stop_permanently_drowning_in_email_spam.jpgIf you thought the spam problem was going away, think again. According to Securelist, “email traffic in Q1 2015 saw a considerable increase in the number of new domains that sent out spam,” and their numbers show that spam still makes up close to 60 percent of all email traffic. Companies who find themselves drowning in spam quickly realize how much it hurts their business. There is are costs associated from a loss of productivity as users pick through junk emails, there are legal issues associated with employees receiving offensive emails and of course there are security threats that come from malicious email messages. So how do you stop email spam in your company? By using the right technologies and by leveraging your users.

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Why Spam Gets Through the Office 365 Spam Filter

why_spam_gets_through_the_office_365_spam_filter.jpgOne of the biggest misnomers in email security is that built-in spam and phishing protection keeps all malicious email at bay. Because of this, many people fail to see why a business needs to invest in spam solutions in addition to the built-in Office 365 spam filter. Unfortunately, these companies often find themselves buried under an inbox filled with spam or in the headlines after their security was breached when a phishing email lead to the compromise of sensitive information. So, just how do these emails slip past the tools built into the Office 365 spam filter?

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