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November, 2015: Enhanced Queue Summary Email


Administration Manual
Email Continuity Administration Manual
User Guide
Quick Start Guide – Sendio Hosted
Quick Start Guide – Sendio Appliances
Sendio Virtual Edition Deployment Notes
Installation Guide – Sendio Appliances
Backup & Restore Guide – Sendio Appliances
Appliance Replacement Guide
SMTP Troubleshooting Guide
Exchange Smart Host Configuration

Software Release History

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Open Source LDAP Downloads

Sendio’s E-mail Security Platform (ESP) can optionally operate an onboard LDAP-based directory server. This option is typically enabled when an organization does not have an LDAP-based server running elsewhere on the network.

As a courtesy, we provide a link to this open-source LDAP Client Java Application. This tool enables an administrator to manage the onboard directory server, including the ability to add/modify/delete Organizational Units (OU) and user entries (inetOrgPerson objects) as well as backing up and restoring the directory information. A link to the software, as well as a tutorial, is provided below.